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My Projects

Performed to Perfection

Multi-tier Deck 

This project seemed to just keep getting bigger and more extravagant. It was a lot of work and it definitely paid off in the long run. Very happy with the final outcome! Take a look at these stunning images to learn more.

Master Bathroom Remodel

This project was both exciting and challenging because it was back when I was doing side jobs and had to work on it late nights and long weekends. It was exhausting but once it was completed, the results spoke for themselves. I'm happy to say that I became close friends with the clients and have returned to do all sorts of other projects for them!

Kitchen Remodel

You don't always have to tear everything down and install new, especially if the cabinets you have currently are well built. Sometimes it can be more cost effective to refinish and you still get to do some extras on top of it. For example: This kitchen I custom built extra cabinets to replace the soffits above, which in turn gave the clients even more storage space, and we were able to add a nice finish crown detail!

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