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The Full Story

My Background

I grew up in the Ivory Coast of Africa as a missionary kid. It was an adventure to say the least and really interesting place to spend my childhood. Our family lived in Spain during my teenage years, which meant we spent a lot of time traveling around Europe and emerging into that culture. I'm very thankful for the upbringing I had despite the difficulties of moving around a lot. It really gave me a worldly perspective on life and taught me to be appreciative of everything we have in our lives. I admire the work my parents did so much, because they dedicated their lives to teaching and helping others. I have made it my own mission to help others in my line of work today. 


I've always loved working with my hands and building things, so naturally I ended up in the trades. I started out as a commercial roofer while going to school to become an electrician. I've worked in a variety of the trades fields from telecom tech to apartment building maintenance, crew leader, and project management in the construction field. After being encouraged by so many clients that I've done work for, I finally decided to start my own business! I look forward to growing my business and making new connections with all of you!

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